Published: 25 January 2020

Will cosmetic dental teeth whitening work for me?

There are many things that can cause teeth to stain. This includes things like coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes, curry and the list goes on. In addition, calculus buildup around teeth and dental decay can give an appearance of unpleasant looking teeth. Teeth while having a smooth surface layer contains micro-porosities that allow stains to penetrate causing discolouration. It is very likely that some teeth are more porous, hence more susceptible to stains than others. Due to the fact that these stains have entered into the teeth themselves, it's impossible to remove them by mere cleaning and polishing alone. How professional dental whitening works is by using peroxides to oxidise these stains that are within the teeth themselves.

The best way to determine if whitening will work for you is to visit our dentist located at Bentleigh East. Whitening will work on most people if the right routine is used. We find that the best results come from low concentrations of whitening products used nightly. Do this for 2-3 weeks in a row. In some cases, whitening can be used in combination with other cosmetic procedures to achieve the ideal results.

Though our dentists are located in Bentleigh East, we service all of Melbourne and Bayside including surrounding suburbs such as Moorabbin, Cheltenham, Bentleigh, Heatherton and many more. Call us today to speak to our cosmetic dentists on 03 9570 7962 or read more here!

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