I Grind My Teeth

Why do I grind my teeth?


As a dentist, one of the more common questions you receive from clients is “why do I grind my teeth?”. Tooth grinding, or Bruxism, is an irritating issue that can take a toll on your dental health. However, it’s also one with several different possible causes, sometimes making it difficult to pin down.

Common causes of teeth grinding include:

  • Psychological stress, anxiety and tension
  • Possible sleep disorder and associated airway problems
  • Illness, nutritional deficiencies
  • Combination of above issues

The cause of why you grind your teeth can also be some combination of the above issues. Other possible reasons for grinding teeth include intense concentration and illicit drug use. Naturally, over an extended period of time, teeth grinding can cause more than just momentary discomfort.

Some common effects of grinding:

  • Muscular ache, which can manifest itself as a headache and/or neck ache
  • Jaw joint disorder, such as pain on opening/closing, clicking of the jaw joint
  • Traumatised teeth – sensitive/painful teeth, mobile teeth, worn teeth
  • Fracture/crack in teeth/fillings

Treatment of grinding:

The first line of treatment for bruxism is education. Awareness of the problem is the first step to overcoming it. This can also be assisted with rest and jaw exercises, soft diet, heat packs and standard pain relief medications. A night splint may also be indicated for moderate and severe grinders.

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