Published: 24 May 2019

Should I go overseas for my dental work? Part 2.

1. Shop Local

Firstly, if you see a dentist locally - it means they employ local nurses and receptionists and buy products from local manufacturers and distributors. This provides local jobs to local people. The everyday mums and dads. This also creates a ripple effect - helping those mums and dads spend more which stimulates the economy from a grass-roots level. Everyone pays taxes from their income which benefits Australia in general.

2. Quality

I like to believe that Australia has one of the best dental care in the world. Most dentists working here are trained here as well. Which is at a very high standard. Through my years working as a dentist I have seen my share of overseas dental work. Some are acceptable, and most are bad. In some cases, the mouth was left in such a poor state that all the teeth were deemed unrepairable or had severe infections. Some patients ended up having to pay double their original cost not to mention the emotional cost of having to redo all of their dental work. Sure I have seen questionable and poor work done here in Australia- which brings me to point no.3.  

3. Accountability, Follow-up care and Warranty

Australian dentists are held accountable for their actions and their work by governing bodies such as AHPRA. AHPRA holds all dentists accountable- meaning they would investigate a situation as a 3rd party to help resolve any dispute between patient and dentist. If the same procedure was done overseas and something went wrong- there isn’t much you can do to recover your cost or have corrective surgery done. Follow-up care is also important- what if something went wrong after the procedure and you needed help?

Warranty - This might not be a popular word amongst dentists. However, our dentist here in Bentleigh East has a warranty on our crown and bridge, implant and root canal work for 5 years but expect most of these work to last you 10-15+ years!

We can help!

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