Published: 12 July 2019

Why do my teeth have white spots?

Teeth are made up of different types of minerals such as Calcium and Phosphate- much like human bones or a rock. When your teeth were being formed any event that affects the minerals coming together could essentially cause white spots or a chalky appearance.

Localised vs generalised

Put in a simple way - white spots can appear only on 1 tooth or multiple teeth. White spots on a single tooth could be caused by things like trauma to the tooth bud, enamel hypoplasia (incomplete development of the enamel) or early signs of decay- which alters the composition of minerals in teeth.

If the white spots are generalised it could be something that affected your entire body such as fluorosis, sickness during early childhood or even a rare genetical condition such as amelogenesis imperfecta. Fluorosis being the most common cause is when too much fluoride was ingested during the early stages of life. Fluoride in small doses works wonders in preventing cavities but too much of it causes the appearance of teeth to alter.


The cause of the problem would dictate the treatment necessary. It also depends on the severity of the white spots. In mild to moderate cases teeth whitening or enamel micro-abrasion + tooth mousse application could work. However in more severe cases, the need for composite resin fillings or dental veneers might be needed.

We can help!

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